Sunday, February 12, 2012

Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Workouts

Here are some simple tips to increase productivity within your workouts. Time is the scarcest resource on our planet, so working out, eating properly, and taking care of your mind, body, and spirit are essential.

The "4" elements of our approach (Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness, and Attitude), are designed to help you align to your goals, maximize results, and help you become a healthier and happier you. 

While our schedules are busy, life gets noisy, and time is of the essence - here are some ways you can capitalize on your short windows in the gym: 

1.) Have a plan - Design a workout goal for the week listed with exercises, weight amount, sets/reps, and document this so you keep track of your time, effort, and results. Make certain your plan includes proper stretching, nutrition, goals, and regimes. "Failing to prepare, is preparation for failure." - Lincoln

2.) Water - Consume at least 12 oz of H2O 30 minutes prior to working out (or as soon as you can), and 12 oz right after. This will help your body be prepared for your workout and endurance, as well as recovery. 

3.) Socializing - Keep the communications to interactions with a trainer, or to yourself (not out loud, people may think you're talking to yourself). Listen to your iPod or other tunes device, keep focused on your time, plan, and getting in and out of the gym. 

4.) Mirrors - Don't stare at yourself in the mirror more than 5 seconds. Not suggesting you eliminate vanity, we encourage you to admire the success you've earned, or be inspired by what you seek to change. Let your mirror be your scale. By that we mean, don't obsess over the number on the scale, as we are all different bone structure, body types, and people. If you don't like what you see in the mirror, that is your litmus test (pending this perception is reality, and you don't have a misconception of what you really look like - that entails medical attention and therapy ; ), but what we mean is - if you have some spots to lose weight realistically, and the mirror conveys this to you, let’s focus on some ways to address your goals to tackle what this 'scale' is saying.

5.) Ask - Trainers and staff are there to answer questions. Don't be afraid to engage them, ask questions, or get advice. If the person you ask is a jerk, move on to another leader there - people are in the fitness industry because they love fitness and helping others. If they're not there for that, you got the wrong person, so ask another. Also, asking doctors, finding articles, research, and other ways to educate yourself are great ways to learn and evolve as well.

6.) Time - Watch the clock, but only briefly. Follow your plan with agile flexibility, allow for proper rest time (around a minute) between sets or exercises (no more than 3 minutes), and be conscious of when you get there, workout time, and when you leave. You'd be amazed at how when you hear people say "I went to the gym for 2/3 hours", that they really only worked out around 20 minutes. Our bodies can only handle so much, if you're working out properly. Keep motivated, moving, and put forth effort - it will drive far better results for your endurance, metabolism, and heart health to amp up your focus by way of time and staying to task. We're all busy, and it's challenging to drive to the gym, workout, change, etc., so utilize it wisely.

7.) Change - Have 2 or 3 workouts that focus on strength, endurance, and flexibility. Train one week for speed/endurance to get your heart rate up, sweat, and metabolism going, then a workout that breathes strength training into your body. Integrate exercises into another workout that allows for flexibility and circuit training. Keep your body guessing and don't allow it to stalemate with your workouts.

8.) Intensity / Effort / Discipline - The rate, frequency, or cadence at which you train is important. Train 3 times a week, at least, with intentional effort within a gym, and of course - on your 'off days', don't cheat/neglect your health. Going to the gym is the first step to conquering the battle of a better body, but once you are in there - have discipline with your workouts, time, and effort. Dedicate yourself to putting forth the best initiative you can with proper breathing, form, and movement (restricted to natural body flow and  motion to avoid injury to joints or related), as the saying goes, "It's not the hours you work, but the work you put into the hours.", that will allow you to prevail. Have discipline with your choices, don't give up (EVER), and stay dedicated to giving it all you have daily (in workouts, job, friends, and family).

9.) Reality - You will not get in shape in one day. It takes small steps and decisions daily to get to the body you desire, or see on the cover of magazines. Reality is most of those are beyond airbrushed as well, so stop comparing yourself to people who have the daily time, job, and ability to workout out, pay expensive amounts of money for chefs, trainers, and assistance. You can achieve your goals with better diet, portion control, workout regimens, and dedication. It takes work, that is the secret! The secret is workout out with effort, eating well, and living a healthy life.

10.) Outside the Gym - The biggest challenge is that once you leave the gym, the workout stops. That is a lie. Fitness is not an event, it is a lifestyle. Proper nutrition, sleep, attitude, and activity all conglomerate together to inspire your mind, body, and spirit to be holistically healthy. Workout out alone, lifting heavy weights, then expecting miraculous results is a deception. I have heard it thousands of times as a trainer from men and women on the first day of training, "I don't want to get too big, so take it easy on me", like working out is going to make them Mr. or Mrs. Olympia in one day. It takes years to gain a magnificent body and learn the art of fitness, so relax, start now, and let’s get moving!

These are simply 10 tips to assist your workout goals. Ways to enhance our workouts are not limited to these alone and requires proper eating, nutrition, sleep, stress management, attitude, and fitness working together to be holistically healthy. Consult a trainer, physician, and educate yourself before embarking upon strenuous activity, or if you have a medical condition. If you're a healthy person but out of shape, you really have no excuse not to get into a gym and get moving. 

Give KRSfitness a shout out today for your assessment and ways we can help you 'get it right, get it tight', and become a better you!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Top 10 things NOT to do in the gym, guys!

Friendly advice fellas!

1.) Flex in the mirror
2.) Stare at girls
3.) Walk with "ILS" (imaginary lat syndrome)
4.) Ask a gal "Come here often?"
5.) Wear biker shorts
6.) Grunt loudly constantly while over lifting
7.) No 90's white sleeveless undershirts
8.) Large gold chains
9.) 1 gallon+ sized whey protein containers in your bag, unzipped so everyone can see it
10.) Act like you know everything

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


KRSfitness was established to serve the health, wellness, and fitness discipline that will energize your life. 

At KRS, we believe that fitness is not an event around New Year's, but a lifestyle conglomerated of thousands of decisions daily. 

Our goal is to fuel you with a holistic approach that will tackle those challenges you have encountered, conquer obstacles, access the support mechanisms aligned to your goals, and coach you through the discipline necessary to feel, look, and be a better you. 

The reason around our slogan, "Fitness4Life", having the number "4" is to represent and remind you of the four basic focus areas present in our approach. They entail Fitness, Health, Wellness, and Attitude. Within your daily walk, these key essentials are prevalent in gaining traction in the appropriate direction. Your choices truly conduct how your health will be affected.

Sure you can eat well, or simply workout, sleep good, be happy, etc. but departmentalized you will not be fully healthy. The choice of what you purchase off grocery shelves, how you invest your time, the disciplined focus in a workout, what to do during a session, and the like require education, training, and coaching. 

We're your game changers. 

Give us a hello at for a consultation and assessment. Mention the phrase "I want to be Fit4Life", and we'll waive the $50 fee. 

Get moving!

"How you react to obstacles defines your identity!"